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RPA | Data Modelling | IOT

Digitalization is foundation for your organisation's continued succes, as the world is in a constant state of flux. We join the choir and encourage you to use the tools of tech in order to catch up to emerging competitors or to stay ahead of them. Some of the technology we help apply in services and platforms within this domain are RPA, Machine Learning (Data Modelling) and IoT solutions.

Advanced Analytics

Predictive maintenance | Automated Visual inspection | Competitor Intelligence

Technologies such as Predictive Maintenance and Automated Visual Inspection enables cost reductions in the production process. Competitor Intelligence insights provides you with a competitive advantage, knowing when to respond to a market change or look your competitors over the shoulder in the past, present and future. Whether you are engaged in an accelerated growth strategy, a strategic turn-around or a tactical move, we always give you a clear cut business case along the analytics we propose. On top of that we map out your possible path to concrete improvements.

Data Assessment and use cases

Data mapping | Visualizations | Business cases

Underlying all that we do is a core practice of exploring and understanding your business context so that what we offer you is of quantifiable value. Once the challenges that we target has been set, we dive into your data in progressively longer sessions to identify clear use cases, preliminary high level insights, and a possible roadmap ahead. Our engineers model your new powerful algorithms while an agile feedback loop ensures that the solution support your desired business outcomes seamlessly.

Latest Cases
Competitor Intelligence

We use our RPA platform to extract data and in an automated process, we conveniently provide you the insights you need to stay ahead of competitors.

Project Budgeting Tool

In order to mitigate potential losses in regards to project budgeting and unanticipated expenses, we investigated the use of advanced analytics as a tool to help Project Managers with budget control.

Secure Industrial IoT Platform

In order to communicate with various IoT sensors, and be able to retrieve it all in a time-orderly way, a centralized IoT Platform was developed, allowing to aggregate and monitor many IoT devices.