Competitor Intelligence
How is your market and how does it react on your campaigns?

We use our RPA platform to extract data and in an automated process, we conveniently provide you the insights you need to stay ahead of competitors.

Project Budgeting Tool
Predicting if a project budget is at risk

In order to mitigate potential losses in regards to project budgeting and unanticipated expenses, we investigated the use of advanced analytics as a tool to help Project Managers with budget control.

Secure Industrial IoT Platform
Development of an IoT Platform with intuitive API access

In order to communicate with various IoT sensors, and be able to retrieve it all in a time-orderly way, a centralized IoT Platform was developed, allowing to aggregate and monitor many IoT devices.

Industrial IoT Remote Maintenance
Empowering site managers to remotely be in touch with their Robots

An optimized production requires monitoring. Staffing managers on site at all time is expensive. By setting up a Remote Connection, an optimized and smoother production was created.

Predicting Fuel Consumption
Predictive Maintenance

By leveraging existing sensor data it was possible to predict fouling levels on ships. By predicting when the fouling starts being a highly negative factor, it is possible to optimize the fuel consumption which accounts for 80% of OPEX.