Secure Industrial IoT Platform

In order to communicate with various IoT sensors, and be able to retrieve it all in a time-orderly way, a centralized IoT Platform was developed, allowing to aggregate and monitor many IoT devices.

The problem

A danish industrial IoT provider offer secure connectivity and remote configuration solutions to their customers allowing e.g. production sites to connect their production line through the secure IoT infrastructure and web interface. This makes large production sites easy to manage and configure and continuously keep track of device locations etc. However, connectivity and configuration alone does not uncover the potential hidden business value contained in the data available at the production sites as no additional data collection, maintenance or advanced analytics are integrated into the infrastructure.

In a world moving towards large amounts of IoT devices, an organized and centralized communication should be carried out.

Our solution

We were hired by another danish IoT vendor AIRGATE to spec, design, and implement an IoT data collection platform for end-customers. The platform should in real time allow setup, administering, and monitoring their devices along with integrating custom data sources. Through this data collection platform, customers can specify which data sources to monitor and can use the collected data for deep analyses including fault detection, predictive maintenance, and process optimization.

Other cases

We use our RPA platform to extract data and in an automated process, we conveniently provide you the insights you need to stay ahead of competitors.
In order to mitigate potential losses in regards to project budgeting and unanticipated expenses, we investigated the use of advanced analytics as a tool to help Project Managers with budget control.