Industrial IoT Remote Maintenance

An optimized production requires monitoring. Staffing managers on site at all time is expensive. By setting up a Remote Connection, an optimized and smoother production was created.

The problem

Robot automation is vital to production industries in order to optimize production efficiency. Universal Robots (UR) provides robust robotic arms for these industries with large success. However, production sites containing 100+ robotic arms are challenging to manage and guaranteeing maximum uptime is an ongoing challenge. Occasionally robots stop and stall production which causes large revenue losses. This is typically due to the integrated security systems or robot malfunctions caused by old or overused robots.

Robot monitoring is done inefficiently due to lacking run-time feedback from the robots.

Our solution

We were hired by a UR software vendor to spec, design, and implement an embedded IoT solution in the UR robots including hardware and software. Our solution allows the robots to be managed and configured remotely using wireless cellular connections or Wifi. Additionally, the solution provides a warning system that sends a custom alert to the robot operator in case errors occur on the robot. This allows quick reaction in case of error and severely reduces robot downtime and thus revenue losses. The system also allows data collection which enables the possibility to provide predictive warnings.

Other cases

We use our RPA platform to extract data and in an automated process, we conveniently provide you the insights you need to stay ahead of competitors.
In order to mitigate potential losses in regards to project budgeting and unanticipated expenses, we investigated the use of advanced analytics as a tool to help Project Managers with budget control.